You, the Great Elvish Presley, are walking through the woods one day and you feel a charm come over you as you fall into a deep sleep, you awake now in what you feel to be a dark enchanted cave. As you look around you see flaming skulls approaching you from all direction that you know what nothing more to devour your mortal soul.

It's in that moment you know what you must do. Collect the keys, grab the swords, fight survive and escape! So you can get back to the tavern and keep playing you rocking music as we all you you do deserve.

Now! Are you ready to play Elvish Escape?

Development Team

Dan Spence: Producer, Audio Engineer, Designer, QA, UX

Jennifer Egan: Producer, Designer, Artist

Jieyi Na: Engineer

Vishal Naidu: Engineer

Daniel Peterson: Artist

Yuyan Yao: Tech Artist

**Created within Phaser 2.6 as a challenge of engine constraints with the idea of creating an iteration on an existing arcade game**

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